by David Hakala

Imagine buying an expensive, slick new TV, taking it home, unwrapping it in eager anticipation, and finding its shiny new screen covered with stickers advertising things that you have no intention of buying:

Thai Kick Boxing Pay Per View – First Month FREE!

Universal Remote Control – FREE With Subscription to Quilting Channel!

Best TV Screen Cleaner – Only $29.95!

Worse, these stickers have that evil sort of glue that won’t let you peel them off cleanly. They tear and leave shreds of paper stuck to the screen, forcing you to scrape the remnants off with fingernails.
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What Is History Swatter and How Do I Get Rid of It?

in applications

History Swatter may have shown up on your computer as a companion to an application called MyWebSearch. But you can get rid of History Swatter with an antivirus or adware remover.

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