by Tina Gasperson

Water is just plain bad for electronic gadgets, but for some reason our cell phones seem to be almost magnetically attracted to the wet stuff. Maybe it’s because they’re small and fit into our pockets that they seem to get washed more than their fair share. Or maybe they end up swimming in the sink because they’re too small and won’t stay put. Whatever the reason, you’ll probably have the opportunity at least once in your life to perform a water rescue mission on your mobile phone. With lots of luck and a little skill, you can resuscitate your gadget.
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Keep Track of Gadgets with Loc8tor

in mobile hardware

If you’re tired of losing your keys, the remote control and other important objects, consider an electronic locating device such as Loc8tor. The homing tags and device can also be used to link children to parents, or patients to caregivers.

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