by Gabe Goldberg

If you haven’t creatively arranged your computer’s Desktop icons, they may appear in two separate alphabetized groups. (If they’re all a jumble, Right Click on the Desktop, click Arrange Icons by, and select Name.) If multiple people use the PC, different icons likely appear on each person’s Desktop.
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How to Declutter Your Computer Desktop

in Windows
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Keep your computer’s desktop looking neat and easy-to use by organizing icons and then choosing attractive desktop wallpaper.

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Preserving Your Vista Desktop

in applications

If installing a new application on Vista results in some unwanted changes to your computer desktop, consider first using a utility to capture the placement of the icons for future reference.

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How Can I Access Windows Desktop Icons Without Minimizing All Open Apps?

in computer performance

You don’t have to minimize open windows every time you want to launch a new program. Just enable a Windows toolbar from which you can then right-click to access the desktop icons.

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