by Tina Gasperson

Javascript is a very important programming language that, along with its cousin Java, makes it possible for most of the user-interactivity that happens when you’re using a browser application to navigate the World Wide Web. Without Javascript, your ability to experience the richness of some of your favorite Web sites is curtailed. However, it is still completely possible to browse online without Javascript enabled.

Most browsers have security settings that can disable Javascript, since it can pose a security threat when malicious coders write a program with Javascript that is designed to invade your system and take it over. And while this happens only when Javascript is given unfettered access to your computer and you aren’t using an antivirus program, many users, especially those running Internet Explorer, prefer to completely disable Javascript
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How and Why to Enable Javascript in Your Browser

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To get the best visual experience while browsing the Web, it’s best to enable JavaScript. But first be sure your computer is protected from viruses, malware and other malicious code.

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