by Gabe Goldberg

Unless you’re a compulsive packrat — and can prove it with multiple neatly organized file cabinets — you’ll eventually find that a gadget or appliance has separated from its operating instructions. And unless it’s something brick-simple with just On/Off buttons, or you’ve memorized its every esoteric function, you’ll be baffled and frustrated.

Even worse, many products now come with one-page pictures-only “Quick Start” instructions showing how to plug them in or insert batteries, turn them on, and not much else. Perhaps a real manual was delivered on a now-missing CD or a now-forgotten Web URL was given as a clue for help.

Don’t despair! Many manufacturers offer full manuals on their Web sites, easily located and perused online or downloaded for printing or offline reference.
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Figuring Out Windows Programs When You Can’t Find the Manual

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If you’ve lost the manual to a Windows application, Microsoft’s Help feature can be easily accessed to provide the answers you need.

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