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April 26, 2009

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Extension: thm

What is it? 1.1.x Configuration File

Where’s it from? Thm files are created and used by the free Open Office v1.1x office productivity suite. Open Office is a free, open source alternative to the pricey Microsoft Office suite. Thm files contain information about user preferences, such as word processor page layouts.

How do I use it? Set your preferences in Open Office and it will take care of the thm files.

Can I safely delete or move it? Yes, but you will lose your Open Office preferences.

Can it be dangerous? No malware has been reported to exploit thm files.

–David Hakala

How Can I Read Office (Word, Excel, etc.) Files without Buying Expensive Office?

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If Microsoft Office is out of your budget, or has more features than you need, consider free Open Office, which will let you view and edit most word processing documents and spreadsheets. If you don’t need to change the files, just download a file viewing program.

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