by Tina Gasperson

If you’re like many home computer users, one of the things you use your computer for is to store your digital photographs. Device manufacturers know that photos take up a lot of space – several MBs each – so they keep making hard drives larger and larger to accommodate all the digital media people are storing on their desktop systems. Still, many people feel uncomfortable with the idea of having all their precious photographic memories stored on a hard drive that could fail at any moment. One way to help insure you won’t lose your digital images is to save them on a back-up hard drive. Another way is to upload them to an online digital image storage service.
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Free or Cheap Alternatives to Photoshop

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You don’t need Adobe’s pricey Photoshop if you just want to do some basic image manipulation. Free and low-cost applications such as Picasa, The Gimp, Seashore and may get the job done.

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