by David Hakala

1. Turn off Search Indexing. It constantly consumes significant resources just to make occasional searches a little faster.

Click Start, then Computer
Right-click on C: drive
On General tab, uncheck “Index this drive for faster searching”
On the resulting dialog box, check “Include subfolders and files”

2. Turn off Remote Differential Compression. It constantly monitors changes in files across a network to minimize bandwidth use by transferring only changed parts of a file instead of the whole thing. The constant monitoring slows system performance.

Open Control Panel
Switch to Classic View
Select Program Features
Choose Turn Windows Features On and Off
Scroll down and uncheck Remote Differential Compression

3. Turn off Automatic Windows Defender Operation. It is weak protection against malware; use a third-party defender.

Open Control Panel
Select Windows Defender
Choose Tools from the menu bar
Select Options
Uncheck Autostart
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