by David Hakala

Computer security firm Symantec Corp. recently reported that it identified two-and-a-half times more malicious software programs in 2008 than in the previous year: more than 1.6 million different examples of malware that is trying to invade your computer. The most common functions performed by malware are:

1. Remote access software
2. Programs that export user data
3. Keystroke loggers
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Free Spyware Removal

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Privacy & Security

Get rid of dangerous spyware, as well as annoying popups, with the help of free spyware removal tools available to download from the Internet. Be sure to choose a trusted product.

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Pros and Cons of Microsoft Windows Defender

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Microsoft Windows Defender is an OK anti-spyware program included with Windows XP and Vista. But there are better programs available, and in any case PC users would still need to supplement Defender with some kind of anti-virus protection.

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Where Did “Spyware Threat Has Been Detected on Your PC” Come From?

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If you get the disturbing warning that a spyware threat has been detected on your PC, it is in fact an advertisement intended to get you to purchase anti-spyware software —which is almost certainly unnecessary since so many good programs are available free to non-commercial home users.

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How to Restore Your Computer to an Earlier Configuration Using System Restore

in computer hardware

Take your computer back in time and resolve problems with System Restore.

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How to Select and Install the Appropriate Antivirus Software for Your Computer

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There are many free and subscription-based antivirus programs available, but the most important thing is to get one installed right away to protect your computer from viruses, spyware and Trojan horses.

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How Many Anti-Malware Apps Do You Need?

in privacy & security

Computer users don’t need every malware, antivirus or antispyware application out there. They only need a “toolkit” to protect the systems and applications they actually use.

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