by Gabe Goldberg

Anyone who uses email regularly, whether for business or personal communication, gets serious jitters when cut off from it. Fortunately, there are many ways to stay in touch away from home; the biggest problem can be explaining to people you’re visiting or traveling with why you want to.

One reason to stay caught up is that some ISPs impose limits on the amount of email they’ll store for you; if you exceed your quota, subsequent email will be rejected and bounced back to senders. That’s especially bad when it happens to mailing list traffic, since you may be unsubscribed. So, while it’s tedious, it’s sometimes worthwhile to suspend list mailings while you’ll be away.
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What to Do When You Cannot Connect to Your Email Server

in computer performance

If your computer can’t connect to the email server, try waiting it out, or use Web-based mail to see if POP mail becomes accessible again. If not, there are a few other steps you can take.

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Should You Worry About Backing Up Gmail?

in data storage and recovery

For security and peace of mind, consider backing up your most important Gmail emails by sending them to multiple other email accounts and/or copying important messages and files and saving them to your hard drive or on CDs.

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