File Extension dat

April 29, 2009

in file extensions

Extension: dat

What is it? Data File

Where’s it from? Many programs create dat files. The location of a dat file may give you a clue as to which program created it. A dat file in a subfolder under a program’s folder was probably created by that program. INDEX.DAT is a special file created by Windows. It contains data on the Web sites you visit and the email you send. If you want to look at what Windows is tracking in the INDEX.DAT file, and possibly delete such files, try the free Index.dat Suite utility.

How do I use it? Let the program that created the dat file use it.

Can I safely delete or move it? Doing so may confuse the creating program, but won’t damage your computer.

Can it be dangerous? Not by itself, but a dat file may be used by malicious software.

–David Hakala