File Extension iso

April 16, 2009

in file extensions

Extension: iso

What is it? ISO-9660 CD Disk Image File

Where’s it from? Generally, ISO files are created by CD burning software such as Nero. The ISO (Intl. Standards Organization) 9660 standard specifies how to copy data, such as a set of music files, to an iso file that can be read as if it was a CD disc. ISO files can be transferred over the Internet, then burned to CD to re-recreate the original CD. An ISO file can also be mounted and used like any other drive. MagicISO can translate proprietary image file formats (such as Nero) into standard ISO files.

How do I use it? Windows:  MagicISO ; Mac: Mac OS X Finder, built into Mac OS X; Linux:  mount command, i. e., mount -o loop -t iso9660 filename.iso

Can I safely delete or move it? Yes.

Can it be dangerous? No

–David Hakala