by Tina Gasperson

The old-fashioned cathode ray tube (CRT) computer monitors were easy to take care of. A damp cloth or even a squirt or two of window cleaner and you were back in business. If there was something really stubborn on the screen, you could take the scratchy side of a sponge and scrub it off. Now, you probably have an LCD monitor. If you’ve ever touched the screen, you know it’s a bit like a layer of jelly under a flexible plastic cover. Not something that lends itself well to window cleaner and fingernails. It still gets dirty, though, so what’s the best way to clean your monitor without damaging it?
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How to Use a Regular Computer Monitor or Large Display with Your Laptop Computer Instead of the Built-in Screen

in computer hardware

If you’d like to use a full-size computer monitor with your laptop, it’s as easy as connecting a few cables, but be sure to determine the type of connectors you need first.

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