Wireless Mouse

April 13, 2009

in computer hardware

by David Hakala

Using a wireless mouse is one way to reduce clutter. Also, you don’t have to worry about where to put your computer relative to the mouse. In fact, if you also get a wireless keyboard and a laptop “desk,” you can slack on the couch with your computer in the entertainment center, displaying your work on the giant wide-screen TV! Here are a few tips for choosing and using a wireless mouse.
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Choosing a Gaming Mouse

in computer hardware
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Computer video game players know that timing is everything if you want to win. That’s why most serious players have a gaming mouse. Gaming mice are a little more expensive, but their high sensitivity, programmable buttons and other features make them a popular choice for computer gamers.

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New Tricks With Your Windows Mouse, and When to Buy a New One

in applications

The Windows computer mouse has evolved physically over the years, and now the Intellimouse software makes it possible to define even more mouse actions.

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