by David Hakala

It pays to know who you are contacting over the Internet. Before you give any personal information, even an email address, to a Web site, you should have some idea who owns it and what their reputation is. If you buy something online, you should know how to contact the vendor in case there is a problem. Think worst case: where and upon whom would you have a lawsuit served?

Most commercial Web sites have an “about” page that tells you about a company, and usually a “contact” page giving the firm’s street address, phone number, and legal name. If you don’t find such information on a site, a red flag should go up and you should do a bit of sleuthing before parting with anything of value.
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How to Disable Browser Cache

in Internet
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Browser caching makes Internet surfing faster, but in some cases you may want to bypass, clear or disable your browser cache so you get a fresh look at a Web page’s files.

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How to Speed Up Internet Explorer

in computer performance

Disable or adjust Internet Explorer features you don’t need and you’ll be browsing the Web faster than ever.

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Speed up Web browsing with OpenDNS

in Internet

by David Hakala You may get a pleasant Web surfing speed boost by switching from your ISP’s Domain Name Server to the free OpenDNS. You’ve nothing to lose by trying and the switch is easily done and undone. Here is why OpenDNS may be right for you. When you enter the name of a Web […]

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