by David Hakala

New computers with Windows XP installed instead of Vista are still readily available in retail and online stores. That is supposed to end July 31, 2009, when Microsoft promises to pull PC makers’ license to sell XP and make every manufacturer offer only Vista. But don’t carve XP’s tombstone just yet; its death date may change yet again.
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How to Revert Back to Internet Explorer 7

in Internet
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Some people who upgraded their Internet browser to Internet Explorer 8 are regretting the decision, as the newer version from Microsoft uses more memory and reportedly has bugs that still need to be worked out. Fortunately, it’s a simple process to revert back to IE7 (if that’s the last browser you used), or to download and begin using an alternative browser.

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Free Alternatives to Microsoft Word

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There are several free alternatives to Microsoft Word that can recognize, open, and save your files in the ubiquitous .doc format.

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