by David Hakala

Social networks such as MySpace, LinkedIn, and Facebook are all the rage. There are a staggering number of social networks now, but you can’t join them all. Each social networking site requires some maintenance. Joining all of them would be like joining every bowling and billiards league in town. You would be spread too thin.

Which social networking site(s) you should join depends on what your objective is. For some, it’s making business contacts. For others, it’s hooking up with long-lost friends, classmates, etc. For still others, it’s about hanging out with strangers of a certain demographic profile, usually their own. The variety of motivations for joining a social network explains why so many different ones have popped up.
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What Is the Difference Between MySpace and Facebook?

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by Tina Gasperson Your friends finally talked you into getting a Myspace account, and you dutifully learned how to “pimp your page,” posed for Myspace photos with puckered grins, and checked in each day to see who left you a comment. Just when you felt like you had it all down, now your friends are […]

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