by David Hakala

In a recent answer to a reader’s question, I discussed Running Vista and XP Simultaneously.” That article discussed the dual-boot method of keeping two operating systems on one machine, loading one at a time by rebooting. There is another more convenient way to switch from one operating system to another.
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Ubuntu as an Intro to the Linux Operating System

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The Linux operating system is a popular and viable alternative to Windows. Ubuntu is a great distribution for beginners, and easy to test before installing it on your PC.

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Notes on Vista Compatibility – and Incompatibility

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More programs are compatible with Vista than ever before. And when something doesn’t work with Microsoft’s newest operating system, there may be a work-around. Microsoft offers a compatibility list showing users which applications work with Vista.

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What Is Linux and How Do You Get It?

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The Linux operating system is popular in part because the software is open source and can be used for free, accomplishing the same tasks as Microsoft Windows. Online forums add technical advice and a sense of community.

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