by David Hakala

Q: How do I fix the error: rundll32.exe is not a valid win32 application? — Ashok

This error message is a sure sign that your computer is infected with malware of some kind. Something has replaced the valid rundll32.exe file with an identically named file that does who knows what. Whatever did it is probably hiding somewhere else on your machine, waiting to do it again if you simply replace rundll32.exe with a clean copy from your Windows installation CD.
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“Cannot Restore” Errors When Trying to Use System Restore

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Sometimes, attempts to perform a “System Restore” to an earlier date is met with a “cannot restore” error. Unfortunately, the files have probably been deleted, but it’s possible booting in Safe Mode can do the trick.

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How to Restore Your Computer to an Earlier Configuration Using System Restore

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Take your computer back in time and resolve problems with System Restore.

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How To Use The System Restore Feature

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If your computer begins having problems after new hardware or software is installed, it can be returned to a previous configuration by using the System Restore utility.

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