by Tina Gasperson

If you spend a lot of time online, or you’ve been browsing the shelves at your local computer software store, you just might have heard of Linux, an alternative to the Windows operating system. Linux runs on your computer in a very similar manner to the way that Windows does – it provides a framework for running applications, and maintains your system operations – hence the term “operating system.”
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How Can I Safely Start Using a Previously Owned PC?

in computer hardware
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A gift of a previously owned PC is a usually a welcome one. But be prepared to spend some time and effort verifying software licenses, reinstalling programs, ensuring security against viruses and malware, cleaning the computer inside and out – and possibly even formatting the hard drive and starting from scratch.

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What Is Linux and How Do You Get It?

in Linux

The Linux operating system is popular in part because the software is open source and can be used for free, accomplishing the same tasks as Microsoft Windows. Online forums add technical advice and a sense of community.

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