by Tina Gasperson

Q: How can I make XP start up (boot) faster? — P. Taylor

There are many things you can do to nudge your Windows XP system into wakefulness a bit faster. Most of them only shave off a fraction of a second or so, but combine them and you can really make a difference. There are too many tweaks to list in one Tiplet, so let’s concentrate on just a few ways to kick it up a notch when it comes to getting your system up and running quicker.
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How to Disable Windows Services

in computer performance

Upon startup, your Windows computer is loads various small programs called “services.” Some of them you may never need, so consider disabling them to make your machine start up faster.

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Managing Startup Programs With the MSCONFIG System Configuration Utility

in computer performance

The System Configuration Utility can be the answer to diagnosing problems with background startup programs in Windows XP. Disabling programs you don’t need, rather than allowing them to run in the background all the time, frees up system resources and can make your computer run better.

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