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Convert PDF to Word and Convert Word to PDF

March 19, 2009

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by Tina Gasperson

PDF files are convenient. They’re readable by any type of computer system, as long as that computer has a PDF reader application such as Adobe’s Acrobat Reader installed. They provide consistency in the look and feel of a document that includes graphics and uncommon fonts, so that you can be sure that just about everyone who gets your PDF file sees what you intended them to see. But what if you get a PDF file that needs editing? Since PDF files are intended to be read-only, you’ll need to convert the file into an editable format, such as Microsoft Word, with a special application.

The only sure way to convert PDFs to Word documents is with Adobe’s Acrobat software. This is not the free reader software called Reader. It’s a full-blown, high-power (read expensive) application that’s not a practical investment for someone who just wants to convert one PDF to Word.

There are other ways to convert your file to the .doc format, but at best it’s an inexact science, and at worst, you’ll end up with a converted file that contains nothing but an oddball unreadable character or two. This is more likely to be the case if you use one of the free online converter services – and not only that but you may end up with an inbox full of spam if you give them your email address.

Convert PDF to Word

Convert PDF to Word

You’ll get the best, most reliable results with an application that comes from a reputable software vendor. Smart PDF Converter gives you a trial run with its software that allows you to convert PDFs to .doc, HTML, .rtf, plain text, .xls (spreadsheet), jpeg, or tiff. You’ll get the best results if your PDF file is mostly plain, unformatted text. The more bells and whistles included in your file, such as graphics, background colors, and heavy formatting, the less likely you are to have a converted file that looks like the original.


Thankfully, converting a Word file to PDF is much, much easier, the results are far better, and you won’t have to spend a dime. As I explained in my previous Tiplet article, How to Create a PDF File, CutePDF is but one of many free applications that will easily and accurately convert your Word document (or any other printable file) to the PDF format.

Tina Gasperson (, affectionately known as Computer Lady by her family, has been writing about IT, home computing, and the Internet for more than a decade.

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