by Dee-Ann LeBlanc

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Twitter, even if you haven’t used it. While the folks at Twitter are proud of the simplicity of their approach, having every Tweet from every person you’re following just flow into one long stream can get overwhelming.

Fortunately there’s a Twitter API that allows third party developers to write tools that interact with it. In the OS X world, there are many different Twitter clients. This article discusses four of them: EventBox, TweetDeck, twhirl, and Twitterrific.
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How to Copy CDs and DVDs from Your Mac

in digital media
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With Disk Utility, you can use your computer’s Mac OS to quickly and easily copy CDs and DVDs as well as convert ISO formats.

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How to Show the Date and Time on Your Mac’s Menu Bar

in Macintosh

Rather than settle for the minimalist day and time in your Mac menu bar, you can adjust System Preferences to display the date and adjust the format of the display.

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How to Copy Data Files From Your Mac to Your iPhone

in applications

It’s frustrating that files aren’t easily moved from a Macintosh desktop to an iPhone (except via iTunes), but fortunately there are several iPhone apps and desktop clients that can do the job.

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